• The formula for a drug-free life.

    Clarity Detox is a patented high tech, high touch approach.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

Your Solution to Opiate Withdrawal & Dependence.
Rapid, Safe, & Confidential.

This is your way out. If you’re ready to quit, Clarity Intensive Outpatient Opiate Treatment IOOT™ makes it easy to break free from opiate addiction.


Withdrawal from opiates is a painful and full long-term recovery can be a rocky road.  If you or someone you love has tried to quite before, you know that the body’s natural detoxification process can take several weeks.  You also know that dependence and addiction can lead people away from sobriety, even after they’ve endured this process.  Shouldn’t there be a better way for dealing with opiate dependence and addiction?

What if you could…

  • Detox safely & securely from opiates within 3 days?
  • Get treated with non-addictive medications that help to prevent ongoing cravings and protect you from relapse?
  • Get help from qualified counselors for ongoing support?

In the ClarityTM program, we offer all of these things through an intensive, effective, 12-month outpatient program that allows you to seek recovery while continuing to live your life.

Clarity’s patented IOOT™ procedure gets you off the endless cycle of addiction, allows your own system to flush opiates from your body, which blocks the physical cravings and agony of withdrawal.  IOOT™ is a is a proven and safe Medically Assisted Therapy (MAT) that, unlike rapid detox, achieves patient comfort with just minor sedation – a technique free of general anesthesia, intubation or external ventilation.  Medical advances and hybrid technology condenses the procedure into a few hours. Our patented solution speeds your body’s detoxification process and overcomes withdrawal symptoms in minutes.  With (MAT) and technology based aftercare, relapse can be prevented. Clarity IOOT™ (detox) is a proven safe solution.

Intensive Opiate Treatment is part of overall drug rehabilitation regimen performed in a (ASAM) American Society of Addiction Level III.2-D & III.7-D facility that includes National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommendations of detoxification coupled with both medication, behavioral therapy, followed by relapse prevention. Detox with Clarity IOOT™ is done in hours. Most patients say they are completely comfortable during the process. You will not be struggling through painful weeks of withdrawal. You will not need to be absence from work, school or family. Get results for physical and psychological dependency –  5x greater than the industry average.

Naltrexone is a core component to Intensive Outpatient Opiate Treatment IOOT™which is a medically based treatment program conducted by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and therapists trained in addiction medicine. Naltrexone saturation is accomplished in hours without a lengthy period of opiate abstinence (which could be several very difficult weeks) or use of staged ramp down with alternative opiates. Naltrexone is recognized as a Medically Accepted Treatment (MAT) and is considered advantageous as it is a full opiate antagonist and contains no opiates like suboxone or methadone.


I was very apprehensive when I arrived. But Eagle was very professional and very soon, all of my worries were put to rest. After my procedure, I felt more recovery through each hour. My experience with the Eagle staff was superior. They were extremely caring and minimized my anxiety. Kristine was great, thanks for everything.

RudyClient, Michigan

As an addiction treatment practitioner, I am familiar with opiate detox protocol and procedure. I learned about Eagle in the last year from a personal friend who had a positive experience with Eagle’s Clarity program. At the time of the referral, I had a young man (26), who along with [his mother], asked for a referral to a treatment program. The family chose Eagle’s Clarity program.

The young man traveled to Michigan accompanied by his mother. I maintained steady contact with them throughout their treatment while at Eagle. Although the first night, post procedure was difficult, and a bit frightening, with some residual withdrawals, they were assured by the attending medical practitioner his experiences were normal and within a few hours he would be feeling better. And as predicted, the next day he was much better, more alert and engaged.

During his subsequent aftercare treatment counseling with me, he reported that the “triggers” and cravings were completely gone.

Dr. Colleen Ecker, PhDAddiction Treatment Counselor, Thelma McMillen Center at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Torrance, California

I was afraid of the procedure, but more afraid to continue being addicted. Afterwards, I was very tired but had only a few minor cravings. Few people understand what active duty military personnel and their families go through. They even took the time to reassure my daughter.

SamanthaClient, Louisiana

Before Clarity, I was a prescription drug addict for 10yrs and felt like I’d never get my life back. The procedure Clarity offers is the easiest, most comfortable thing I’ve done in 10yrs.

ReneClient, Caifornia

Clarity is amazing. The professional, honest, caring and kind Staff make what is the scariest thing someone has decided to do, a decision to be proud of. Clarity is the program that will give you back the life you forgot you could live.

ReneClient, Michigan

I wish there were more of these programs throughout the US to help more people that may not be able to afford to come to Michigan.

LeviClient, New York

I loved the fact that we called, on Friday, to make an appointment and got in on Monday, quick! It has been a good experience and I have learned a lot from them (Eagle). They actually become your friend and not just a hospital employee doing a job.

CindyClient’s Mother

Clarity has saved my life. I am almost 3 months in recovery and am amazed at how good I feel! I feel in control of everything.


After being through other programs, I know that Eagle Advancement Institute is the very best choice for a successful recovery from drug use.


After the procedure, I felt tolerable withdrawal symptoms, but just knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel makes this process completely worth it. Each and every one of the Eagle staff is an angel of mercy…and that’s from the bottom of my heart. I have never experienced such high quality of care. Thank you for taking care of me Eagle.


I felt like I was in very professional hands. After the procedure, I recovered more each hour. Team Eagle was above excellent. This staff is in my opinion one of the most caring and professional medical team I have ever experienced, and I am a medical practitioner. Thanks for everything!



Our private state-of-the-art treatment Centers of Excellence offer quiet and discreet healing. Our doctors, counselors and staff are focused on getting you well, keeping you comfortable and protecting your privacy.


We can help you every step of the way, but the first step has to start with you. Call a Clarity Intensive Outpatient Opiate Treatment specialist now at 786-345-5960. They will answer any questions, get you additional information and even help you set an appointment. The end is in sight. Clarity is the light at the end of the tunnel.

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