• The formula for a drug-free life.

    Clarity Detox is a patented high tech, high touch approach.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

con•fi•dence Clipart-Speaker  a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

“Confidence is the biggest single value created in opiate abstinence.”

ConfidenceGet an early win in order to get a starting point for confidence building.

If you want to feel good about yourself early then you need to get a “win” under your belt. Confidence increases with time, but the first step is to take positive action.

Clarity is how to get an “early win” in recovery. Establish your sobriety, ask for help from others, and then follow through on the advice that they give you. If you do this then your confidence will grow as you take positive action.

It may seem impossible to resist using again.

But there’s hope—studies show that, when it comes to keeping up the confidence to resist relapse, abstaining from drugs is its own biggest help. Use of Naltrexone in the IOOT program stops your cravings, avoids withdrawal and helps you accomplish the simple act of feeling proud of making it through a day sober, and being confident that you can do it again tomorrow, and each day after.

The relevant term is “abstinence self-efficacy,” meaning a recovering patient’s assessment of their own ability to keep from using again. It’s been shown that patients who report high abstinence self-efficacy (ASE) stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol much more consistently than those who don’t report high ASE. That is to say, people who are more confident in their ability to stay sober are statistically more likely to have their confidence validated. So the question becomes: how does one become more confident and feel like they have high ASE?

Simple— abstinence and recovery, in itself, has been shown to improve confidence. That is, it.


I think I deal with social situations better with a clear mind. I am a much more likeable guy, and I also take better care of myself. I just feel like a different person not being under that stigma of being ****** up all the time and trying to piece together the stupid **** I did the night before. And maybe even being half embarrassed to go back to where I was the night before or see certain people.

Today, I feel like I can go anywhere, and have something to offer somebody. And people will usually enjoy my presence. My next step is to rebuild my social network and get out and enjoy myself in a sober manor…. If it seems life is tough and things are starting to hurt as a result of your state of mind. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. I look back at a happier me, several years ago ……… I had a lot more fun then. And I want that back. I chose whether I want to make my life difficult and lonely or if I want to be happy and socially sober and enjoy the moments for what they are.

Abstinence means voluntarily going without. In recovery, abstinence means no longer turning to any mood altering substances to help change the way we feel.


In an effort to keep my mind off the idea of “not using this weekend,” I have decided to write down a comprehensive list of all the immediate benefits I will enjoy if I do NOT ………or whatever. Usually, the benefits of giving something up or self-discipline in general are long-term, and in the absence of the instant gratification that whatever you’re giving up usually offers, it’s hard to see what’s in it for you right now, if you know what I mean.

  • I will have a whole Friday evening of uninterrupted work on my project, without feeling like I have to sink into bed and fall into a stupor.
  • I’ll feel more like working and if I don’t work, I’ll enjoy a movie without falling asleep during it.
  • I will be more coherent in my work.
  • I will actually have a good night’s sleep, without waking up with my neck crooked and my mouth dry.
  • I will wake up in the morning feeling rested.
  • I won’t oversleep and miss out on hanging with some friends on Saturday.
  • I’ll be able to remember everything I did the night before.
  • I won’t feel embarrassed by anything I did the night before.
  • I’ll have the energy to do things all day without feeling as if I constantly have to chug energy drinks. (Although I’ll probably still drink a Rockstar — those things own!)

The following response was rated as the best answer to a question posed on “Yahoo Ask” regarding the benefits of being drug-free:

  • No fear of police
  • No fear of needle-infected site on the body
  • No fear of ‘frying’ the brain
  • No fear of ‘impaired’ driving and thus accidents
  • Delight in being free to observe the world (vision, touch, taste, speech or hearing) without compromised senses.
  • Joy of being fully functional in a crisis or emergency
  • Ability to tell others about the joys of a drug-free life

Positive affirmations build Confidence

AFFIRMATION – a positive statement of being affirming or asserting something in order to help manifest it in the physical world.

Affirmations have to be positive. Our subconscious mind, which has no sense of reason or humor, is like a one way street where only one direction is possible.

It is positive minded, hence only positive affirmations seem to work. If a negative word is used in affirmations, it does not seem to have any effect. It is as if the subconscious mind cannot “see” the negative word. Thus, if the affirmation is “I am not poor”, it is registered as “I am poor”.

If you think you are a habitual negative thinker, you may have to work harder than others. One tip is that read your affirmations at least a hundred times in front of a mirror BOTH in the morning immediately after you get up and at night just before you go to sleep. If you can also find time somewhere in the afternoon, so much the better.

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