• The formula for a drug-free life.

    Clarity Detox is a patented high tech, high touch approach.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.


Clarity wants you to have all of the tools necessary to progress in your recovery. Unique to Clarity is our exclusive, patented aftercare program, Clarity Continuing Care™ (CCC).

“The emerging trend is for telehealth services, which is an “interactive audio, video or other telecommunications interaction via electronic technology…to deliver health care service.”

CCC™ is a secure, online, real time contact availability with our Clarity professionals who can assist with any recovery issues you may experience.  Clarity “alumni” receive one year of monthly assistance one on one and/or in a similarly autonomous group exchange.

Stool3LegsCCC is the third component of Clarity, designed in a medically recognized treatment format.  All chronic or challenging treatments, regardless of disease, share three (3) important features”.  All three create a balanced well rounded approach and avoid the one-legged stool syndrome.

  1.  First, Stop Withdrawal Symptoms. Clarity stops withdrawal not unlike beta blockers stop high blood pressure but similarly without the next step we still have not returned to normal.
  2.  Two, Stop Usage without Cravings, which is like the second feature associated with all chronic treatments, changes in lifestyle and behavior on the part of the patient to maximize their success.  An example is an individual with diabetes who regularly takes insulin will not stop disease progression without reduction in sugar and starch intake, and in our case not stopping use of opiates, tolerance and addiction continue. Solution being Clarity, stop opiates without the pain and agony normally associated with withdrawal.
  3.  Third, Stop Relapse. Because of the complexity of factors that can lead to a chronic illness and because of the need for ongoing medical care and lifestyle change, it should not be surprising that relapses are very likely to occur in all chronic illnesses.  Clarity utilizes naltrexone to block the effects of opiates to minimize relapse and like most contemporary treatment strategies in chronic illness utilizes regular monitoring of procedural adherence.

Stool1LegOur addiction experts know that the first year of addiction recovery is critical. Without support, up to 70% of addicts relapse within a year. Studies indicate that comprehensive, available aftercare with qualified professionals increases the likelihood for a sustained recovery.

Many support programs don’t fit our lifestyles. Between family and career obligations there simply doesn’t seem to be any way to incorporate additional responsibilities into our day.

Clarity Continuing Care™ is an individually designed, technology enabled, confidential relapse prevention program. Eagle™ innovative aftercare program is intended to fit your needs and lifestyle, giving you the best possible chance for lifelong independence from drugs.

Clarity Continuing Care™ focuses on five (5) key components.

  • Bio-psycho-social Assessment
  • Interpretive Summary
  • Caregiver/Family Education
  • Medical Support Therapies
  • Individualized Aftercare Plan

Many people are often more willing to talk about things that are uncomfortable or stigmatizing if they’re not interacting face to face.  Some individuals thrive in a group environment.

Clarity utilizes a secure web communication interface for one on one interaction and/or group alumni interaction dependent on each person’s needs and desires. Today’s lifestyles put a premium on use of time and making it productive.

The program also is designed to maximize communication and convenience via secure mobile technology (beta format).


Through the process, both parties can remain in consistent communication with each other. Users can retain a feeling of anonymity online, helping them to communicate about day to day efforts and challenges, including tracking their individualized after care program.

The app enables two-way communication as clients can contact Eagle with questions and Eagle can offer recovery related content, such as its advice-oriented client newsletter. The app is secure as it appears on screen, giving no obvious indication that it deals with addiction recovery.

Clarity aftercare utilizes and includes one FULL YEAR of Naltrexone, an opiate antagonist.

Naltrexone is not an Opiate (narcotic). , it is non-addictive, safe and well-tolerated opiate antagonist.

Naltrexone is not an Opiate (narcotic). , it is non-addictive, safe and well-tolerated opiate antagonist.
An antagonist (from Greek ἀνταγωνιστής – antagonistēs , “opponent, competitor, enemy, rival”, from anti- “against“.

The Naltrexone Advantage:

  • Eliminates cravings.
  • Stops withdrawal.
  • If a person takes opiates while on Naltrexone, they will not get high.
  • Loved ones and stake holders have a sense of relief knowing that while on Naltrexone; the individual will not relapse or use opiates.
  • Long-term Relapse Prevention

Clarity patients are detoxed physically, quickly, and safely, so they can immediately focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.