• The formula for a drug-free life.

    Clarity Detox is a patented high tech, high touch approach.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • Get drug-free. Stay drug-free. Forever.

    Clarity Detox is a patented treatment that delivers results.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

  • This is your way out. Make the call. Get your life back.

    Clarity Detox treats physical and psychological dependency.

Portraits of Addiction

Drug addiction doesn’t care about the color of your skin or what kind of car you drive. Clarity clients have come from all walks of life, from the stay-at-home mother of three, to the busy and successful CEO, to the city bus driver or the hard-working farm hand. The majority of our clients are men over the age of 30, but addiction does not discriminate against women and children, either. In fact, there are more reports of drug abuse by young adults today than in recent history.

Below, you’ll see brief excerpts of individual stories…


It was finally time to stop lying about her drug problem.

Melanie was tired of all of the lying. Lying to her boss. Lying to her family and friends. Often repeating the lines “No, really, I’m fine,” or “It’s OK, I can handle it.” The truth was that she was trapped. What began as a way to deal with pain had become an unending rollercoaster of highs, when her supply was safe, and desperate lows, when she didn’t know when she’d have the money to get more. The day Melanie realized that she’d spent her entire college fund on her pill habit was the day she decided to get clean – for good.


What started as a way to relax became an expensive opiate habit.

Mike didn’t know how to relax. Working 70+ hours per week means you make sacrifices. He had not taken a vacation in years. His friends literally had to kidnap him if they wanted his company for a night out at the club. That’s when an old friend gave him a few pills “to help him relax.” They’re safe, he said. My doctor gives them to me. The truth is, Mike had not felt this good in nearly a decade. He felt so good, in fact, that he went back for more “little helpers” as he was now calling them. This was three years ago and Mike has been keeping things together, but only barely. Yesterday, Mike’s boss gave him the ultimatum – figure out why his production is down, or find a new job.


Trying to feel normal became a full time job.

Kevin just needed to be able to work. There were bills to pay. And you don’t get workman’s comp for falling off a ladder at home. So when the docs gave him a prescription to help him manage the pain, he was really grateful. But when the pills ran out, he wanted more. Just a few more, to help him handle the pain. A few more to help him keep working to support his family. After the doctors stopped cooperating, he’d find new doctors. Then he turned to the internet. Pretty soon, Kevin wasn’t working to support his family. He was working to support his habit.


Hiding the habit was getting to be impossible.

Nina was scared. She had been very careful to skip a dose here and there to be sure that she wouldn’t run out of pills again. She had even faked a back injury to get some extra doses from the ER. Filling the prescriptions at different pharmacies had also kept her from drawing too much attention. She always paid cash for her prescriptions, too – which kept her off the radar of her insurance company. But money was tight these days and paying for all of these doctors appointments and prescriptions out of pocket was costing more than her credit cards could absorb. She was two months behind on her car payment, three months behind on her student loans, and rent was due yesterday. It was time for a change.

There are countless stories like these, and our experienced staff has heard many. Our clients have one thing in common: The need to get free from their opiate addiction. Our clients live in the same trap: Feed the need or face a dangerous debilitating withdrawal. There is always drug rehab, of course, but who can afford to be gone from their job for several weeks?

There is a better way to end opiate addiction: Clarity™

Clarity™ is a physician-administered rapid opiate detox process. In only four days, our clients are through detox and back to their lives – without the need for maintenance opiates like Methadone or Suboxone to help them feel “normal.”

Detox is never easy, but it is worth it.

Call us today at 877-987-3324 for more information and to schedule an appointment. Get free from opiate addiction with Clarity™.