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Rapid Detox VS Clarity IOOT

As the Patient Care Coordinator of the Clarity program, I am often asked the questions: “Isn’t rapid detox really dangerous?” or “Can’t people die when they get this procedure?”

Let me be clear: Clarity is not the “rapid detox” of the past. In fact, we strive to separate ourselves from the label “rapid detox” because of its many negative connotations. We refer to our program as the Clarity IOOT (Intensive Outpatient Opiate Treatment). Simply put, we are sedation-assisted detox.

There are several differences that make the Clarity program effective. For starters, we sedate the client for a much shorter period so that risks are greatly minimized. At Clarity, you will be under anesthesia for approximately 45 minutes. This is opposed to the hours (even days) of sedation in other rapid detox programs. If you have ever been put under anesthesia, you are warned of the potential risks. Those that do incur complications with anesthesia generally do so because of a short list of predictive factors, such as obesity, age, heart problems, or another medical condition.

That is a non-issue here at Clarity. Our licensed anesthesiologist does a comprehensive intake assessment to ascertain whether you are a prime candidate for the procedure. There are many factors, besides the above mentioned, that are taken into consideration. You will not be approved for the procedure unless you are determined to have nothing that could harm you or hinder your treatment. We practice safety first, above and beyond anything else.

We also have a therapist who works with the clients to set up an aftercare program back home, wherever that may be. A Needs Assessment is completed which allows a client’s individual needs to be evaluated and addressed. At Clarity, we believe that drug abuse is a symptom to an underlying issue(s) that need to be addressed to support a successful recovery. Another large portion of our aftercare program is a groundbreaking new medication in the medication-assisted treatment world in the past few years. It is an amazing intramuscular shot called Vivitrol (under the generic name Naltrexone).

Vivitrol is a non-narcotic, non-addictive medication that needs to be administered once every 30 days. This shot not only curbs all cravings for opiates, but also blocks any opiates that a client may attempt to use. Essentially, it takes using off the table. This is a vital aspect of recovery when an addict cannot navigate successful choices on their own; Vivitrol makes the choice for them. The success rate of Vivitrol has been very impressive and we utilize it readily here at Clarity, covering the shot for 3 months. We then work with the client to make it affordable to continue Vivitrol maintenance.

We have covered many bases within this article. Let us review:

  • Clarity sedates patients for a shorter period to minimize the risks.
  • Clarity employs an aftercare program to help support a successful recovery.
  • Clarity uses the medication Vivitrol to aid in the reduction of relapse.
  • Clarity ensures that you are cared for by well-trained, professional medical staff, as well as a therapist and a certified Recovery Coach at your call.

This is a safe, highly effective procedure/program that will save your life! It is by far the easiest way out physically, and your best chance of staying out, with success rates reaching 80%! That is unheard of with opiate addiction. Compare this to the 3% success rate of traditional rehabilitation centers. The bottom line is if you are looking for your last treatment that is truly going to help you recover – and not just mask the symptoms behind another narcotic — then Clarity is the program for you! Call Jamie at 248-242-3679 to get started today!

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